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Building words while keeping the little ones busy


Since I still can’t find my camera:( we will just have to rely on good old amazon to show you the products we are using… (have in mind, there are lots of other places to buy these products for great prices – try TJ MAxx, Ross, Marshalls, Craigslist, ebay etc.)

My little Einstein (4.5) recieved a DVD from a friend of his call “Leap Frog Building Words” or something like that and it completely inspired him to start making words of his own. So we have about 3 sets of the Melissa and Doug Magnetic ABC’s and put them all on the fridge where he can sit for quite a while making 3 and sometimes 4 letter words and loves loves loves it…

While he is busy with his words, Munchkin (2.5) will do a shapes puzzle which I have shown at the bottom of the page and Sumo (1.5) will do a stacking puzzle which he loves and can do over and over and over until he starts throwing the pieces around the room then mom puts it away and we move on to a new activity:)

So here are the products we use and I have also included an ABC book which the kids adore, we can read it over and over and over and it really gets them familiar with the letters, even my Munchkin now recognizes certain letters…

Here it is:

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~Books We Love~


Here are some of our favorite books we are reading this summer (and all year round:)

I also highly highly recommend these books in regard to learning about the weekly Parshah and Torah personalities… my kids love them!

and last but not least, (yes, we are a book reading family! Our home is covered with books from wall to wall in almost every room!) for the little toddlers in the house, my little one just can get enough of Rikki Benenfelds series- we read almost all of them every night before bedtime:


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~~~Summer in full Swing~~~


We have been doing renovations on our house and in the whole mess of things, I have misplaced our camera:( Losing out on alot of awesome moments, but I will just have to document them in my heart:)

Summer is here and we are really enjoying enjoying ourselves! Expecting munchkin #4 in October, and enjoying the other 3 to bits, here are just a few things we have been doing this summer…

lots of swimming
free play, outside and in
a workbook here and there (connect the dots and mazes mostly)
practicing Hebrew reading, usually before bed as it is a great “stalling card” that always works with me and my hubby:) (hey, it gets the kids practicing their Hebrew, not gonna hurt to go to bed 10 minutes later!)
lots and lots and lots of reading- we have built up a FABULOUS library, the kids have tons and tons of books to choose from and I will often find my princess (age 2.5) just sitting on the floor with a pile of books paging thru each one… its amazing

we make creative breakfasts and I am very into hiding healthy food into yummy food wherever I can… will post some of those tips soon… just have to find that camera!

A great summer to all, and its good to back and bloggin away!

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Pesach is Here!


Ok, its been a while and alot has been happening in our little world, but we are back and “school” is in full swing!

Preparing for Pesach, we have started making our own Haggadah. Every day we pretty much make another page.

So far we have done the following:

Kadesh- I drew a big kiddish cup and the kids had to figure out which colors would make purple to color it in, which was really fun. We used paint and they figured it out pretty quickly. (Red and Blue:)

Urchatz- Kiddos traced their hands on a piece of paper then cut them out by them selves and glued them onto another paper. We then drew a “cup” on another piece of paper in a different color and they cut it out again and glued it onto one of the hands

Karpas- We cut out different size and shape leaves in all different color greens and they glued them onto a page (my kids love gluing so we stick with it!

Thats where we are at right now.

When it comes to the 10 plagues, last year we did tons of hands on stuff which I plan to do again:

Blood- Took babyfood jars and poured water into them then dropped red food coloroing in some of them and discussed which jars belonged to who and why

Frogs- We had these cute little green plastic frogs that you push down and they jump which the kids had a lot of fun with. Then we hid them all over the house to show that the frogs were EVERYWHERE

Lice- I drew a picture of a Mitzry on a piece of card stock and made little buggys out of brown paper and they glued them on

Wild Animals- We have national geographic magazines and we cut out pictures of wild animals and made a collage of all types of wild animals and discussed the difference

Cattle Disease- We took our plastic farm animals and took a box of different size bandaids and put them on the animals

Boils- Took a doll and took red circle stickers and stuck it all over her

Hail- we made icecubes and dropped drops of red food coloring in so when it froze it had a dark red dot inside which was like the fire, pretty cool….

Grasshoppers- we got long weedws from outside and glued it on paper then made grasshoppers oout of pipecleaners and attached them to the grass

darkness- we made a tent and made it really dark and used flashlights inside, kids loved it

I also plan to talk about all the numbers of Pesach-
4 cups of wine
4 sons
4 questions
10 Makos
14 Steps
My son loves numbers, so this is a big one for him!He loves usign his fingers to count and adding and subtracting, so will incorporate math in here somehow…

We also play Malkali Shmos which is an amazing DVD of the story of Pesach (google MALKALI) as well as Pesach CDs with all the Pesach songs all day in the house so the kids are constantly listening to it and getting to know the songs

My kids are not into cleaning but will find a way to make it fun:) They do love sweeping and using the wipes so maybe we can get somewhere!

I have so many photos of all of this but just need the time to post them-

I have TONS of Pesach ideas from my sister-in-law who is a Preschool director, so if anyone wants in depth info, let me know and i will email it over…

Hope to post again soon…Aloha~!

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Parshah Projects and 10th of Tevet


Today was the 10th of Tevet, a day in history when the Romans surrounded Yerushalayim for 2 1/2 years and finally destroyed the temple. I am still unsure if they surrounded it by building a wall or with Roman soldiers but we built a wall out of wooden blocks around our own “Yerushalayim” with the Jews inside and the Romans outside gaurding it…

For Yosefs coat, we cut out a white coat from felt and used water colors to color it. We then stuck it on a paper Yosef.

And then to explain the idea of saving food (to prepare for the famine) we made a storage house out of brown construction paper and I hid food stickers all over the house and the kids went looking for food to stick in their storage house- very cute!

For some reason, I cant upload photos, so when I get the chance, I will:)

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Chicken Soup Latkes!


Tonight I made a huge pot of chicken soup, with chicken breasts, zuchini, carrots, potatoes, onions, parsley and spices.

I then took the chicken and all the veges and mashed them together with a potato masher, added some flour and eggs to bind it together and fried patties—

It was SUCH a hit, the whole family LOVED them and its now a requested dinner…

HIGHLY recommended!

I wanted to get a photo of the golden “chicken soup latkes” but they were all GONE by the time i got my camera:)

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Organic Learning, Yosefs Coat and Dreidel Painting


Today I was chatting with my mother in law. She is a professional educator and I was telling her how just sitting at the breakfast table and talking about the story of Chanukah, the kids absorb so much. They ask questions and we discuss the different concepts and words and it becomes something that they truly understand, not just a story being told to them.

Some conversation pieces that came up this morning were
“what is a war” – from talking about the war that the Macabis faught
“where is Syria and Greece” – which led us to our map on the wall and looked at where those countries are situated today
“why didn’t the Yevanim like the Jews?” this was a tough one considering my Cutie is only 4, but these questions just kept coming and coming…

I then showed them how we can use olive oil to light a menorah and we took a babyfood jar and filled it half way, put a wick inside and lit it and watched for a few hours to see how long it lasted. Then we discussed how the oil in the Menorah lasted 8 DAYS!!! The kids really understood how that was really such a miracle since they saw with their own eyes that it only lasted a few hours, never mind a whole day!

We then painted with dreidels which Cutie loved- he dipped the dreidel into red paint which I put into a teaspoon and then spun it on a piece of paper. He loved the different designs it came up with, the finished product is gorgeous but here he is in action:

Then we learned Parshas VaYeshev and decided to paint a multi colored coat for Yosef. I took an old white T-shirt and cut it down just the front so it looked like a coat. We then laid it out and everyone got a bunch of different colored paints and painted it. We laid it to dry and got a gorgeous multicolored coat! While it was drying, the kids decided to continue with the paints and fingerpainted on the paper that I had laid out under the coat. It was a great great activity and they had a ball!

oh- and we BAKED Sufganiyot- SO easy, I did it with all 3 kids…
I got the recipe from Redbook Magazine, heres the recipe:
Sufganiyot Recipe
They came out delicious!

So thats it for now, we will see what other fun activities we come up with as the week progresses! a wonderful week to all~~~

Chanukah Idea’s


Here are a bunch of ideas of things to do for and on Chanukah:

-Telling the story of Chanukah
-sort different colored draidels by color and pattern
-Sequence pictures of what happened next in the story
-Make a felt Menorah where the kids have to light the candles.
-Make a menorah on a paper and laminate put play dough on top
-Set up a science center with different color oil and water and glitter and droppers
-Make a big menorah with each candle a different material (dot paint, feather, noodles, buttons, tissue paper, string, felt, foam, wood sticks)
-Make stain glass driedel with contact paper
-driedel spin on paint
-sort candles by color
-talk about the diffrent kinds of candles we use chanukah candles, havdala, shabbat
-different ways of getting light, candles, flashlight etc.
-trace hands and make a chanukia
-squish olives to get oil
-pach- pouring from one to the next
-small picture of kosher and non kosher menorahs made into a card game to divide in a tray
-small picture cards of photographs of various menorah can be a matching game
-creating patterns with dreidels- their own and specific ones that you create for them to copy
-letters of dreidel matching to dreidels-one to one correspondence
-playdough chanukah shapes
-letters of the word CHANUKAH spelled out for tracing, playdough, dry erase, copying etc (words FALL MENORAH etc)
-sponging with chanukah shapes
-tracing chanuka items – we have template
-scooping potato flakes in the sensory table
-potatoes and safe peelers in sensory table
-painting with candle wicks
-oil painting
-playing dreidel with money or pepples or any other manipulative
-acting our chanukah story
-placing tape on the floor near the blocks shaped like a menorah have kids use it as a guide to build a menorah

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Early Childhood Class Online with


A quick note- this past Tuesday we tried an online class through and it was FABULOUS!!! My Cutie sat there for 45 minutes and loved every minute of it (he’s almost 4)-

It was all about the Parshah and Aleph Bet- there are going to be 2 more free model lessons and I highly recommend it— enjoy:)

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