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Back on track~


It’s been a busy holiday season- we have started a weekly art class called “Hebrew through the Arts” when we learn about Jewish Holidays and Customs as well as the Hebrew letters all through the arts. So far, the kids absolutely love it- check out what we have been up to!

side walk chalk apple

I drew all different pictures to do with Rosh Hashanah on the driveway and all the kids got different colored side walk chalk and colored them in- this was such a hit, who would have thought!?


We made Shofar hats- decorated Shofar cut outs and glued them to a paper head band. We then made Honey Comb cereal necklaces (apples and HONEY) which the kids then ate for their snack:)


These are prints from actual apples cut in half dipped into red paint, alot of fun to make!

Shofar bagel

This was just to make lunch a little on the festive side- using a Shofar cookie cutter, we made peanut butter bagels into peanut butter Shofars

Yom Kippur Slippers

To teach the kids that we don’t wear leather on Yom Kippur, we made slippers out of all different colored scrapbook paper- they came out adorable and the kids were so excited to have designed and made their own shoes!

Chocolate Chip Round Challah

We baked chocolate chip round Challahs- the kids stuck in the chocolate chips and rolled the dough into “long snakes” and then “snails” to form the round shape. We then ate them for snack and they were deeeeelish!

healthy edible sukkahs

Healthy edible Sukkahs made out of honey graham crackers, peanut butter to stick them together and pretzels as the schach on the roof- also, ate them as snack


This is our Ark made for Noach and his family. We put the garbage on the bottom, the animals on the second floor and his family on the top floor

Its good to be back and I look forward to blogging as often as I am able— life is busy!

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“Back on track~”

  1. On October 30th, 2009 at 3:40 pm Starr Weems de Graffenried Says:

    I love it! We have some of those giant cardboard blocks, so I’m going to make the ark with my kids today. Thanks:)

  2. On November 12th, 2009 at 6:51 am Marmee March Says:

    Wow! What beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing!