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Chanukah Idea’s


Here are a bunch of ideas of things to do for and on Chanukah:

-Telling the story of Chanukah
-sort different colored draidels by color and pattern
-Sequence pictures of what happened next in the story
-Make a felt Menorah where the kids have to light the candles.
-Make a menorah on a paper and laminate put play dough on top
-Set up a science center with different color oil and water and glitter and droppers
-Make a big menorah with each candle a different material (dot paint, feather, noodles, buttons, tissue paper, string, felt, foam, wood sticks)
-Make stain glass driedel with contact paper
-driedel spin on paint
-sort candles by color
-talk about the diffrent kinds of candles we use chanukah candles, havdala, shabbat
-different ways of getting light, candles, flashlight etc.
-trace hands and make a chanukia
-squish olives to get oil
-pach- pouring from one to the next
-small picture of kosher and non kosher menorahs made into a card game to divide in a tray
-small picture cards of photographs of various menorah can be a matching game
-creating patterns with dreidels- their own and specific ones that you create for them to copy
-letters of dreidel matching to dreidels-one to one correspondence
-playdough chanukah shapes
-letters of the word CHANUKAH spelled out for tracing, playdough, dry erase, copying etc (words FALL MENORAH etc)
-sponging with chanukah shapes
-tracing chanuka items – we have template
-scooping potato flakes in the sensory table
-potatoes and safe peelers in sensory table
-painting with candle wicks
-oil painting
-playing dreidel with money or pepples or any other manipulative
-acting our chanukah story
-placing tape on the floor near the blocks shaped like a menorah have kids use it as a guide to build a menorah

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